TECH PLUS Guiding Principles


"Tourbillion" is a leading technology in the
field of mechanical watches, and the name
that conveys Tech Plus' belief and determination
in the quest for perfection and devote to
expand worldwide.。


We firmly believe that the integrity of
management, for all the needs of clients
to provide professional technical services
and participation, to meet the new demands
of customers.


  • March
    TECH PLUS was established in March 2006, initially design research and develop with high-speed engraving and milling machine CNC machines.
  • March
    Well-completely DB series of high-speed engraving and milling machines and the development of mold and die mass production in DB Models.
  • September
    CE certification, authentication is successful.
  • January
    Well-known High-Speed Glass Grinding Machine , with volume production in the electronics industry.
  • March
    Patent of Turret structure design authentication apply successfully; For Glass Grinding Machine.
  • September
    Spindle Authentication in Machining Center is successful.
  • December
    High-Speed Tire Mold Processing Machine Center come out and serve at tire model industry.
  • March
    Patent of Vacuum Device of Processing Machine authentication is successful.
  • May
    Successfully developed in High-Speed Panel Processing Machine, with volume production in the electronics industry.
  • September
    High-Speed Microscopic Processing Machine (minor-holes processing), applied to the semiconductor industry.
  • November
    CCD Vision Alignment System, used in the glass processing industry.
  • June
    New model released - High Speed Glass Grinding Machine, max. grinding size up to 74".
  • October
    Ball Falling Impact Testing Machine R&D and patent approved.
Take out a patent on calibrating Fixture for tool of Dual-Spindle Simultaneous Movement Machining Center.
  • December
    High Speed Glass Grinding Machine step into Vehicle Glass industry by R&D vehicle glass processing machine.

Product Application

Panel Class
  • /
    Mobile phone panels, glass panels, touch panels, NB protect the plate, digital cameras, LENS, DVD panel, solar panels
Precision Class
  • /
    Precision ceramic, quartz, watches, jewelry, crystal
Mold Class
  • /
    3C precision mold, plastic precision mold, auto parts and lamp mold, all kinds of screw mold, die casting and precision stamping dies, extrusion dies, shoe mold, glasses mold, tire mold, knife mold, all kinds on behalf of the wooden model of aluminum model, cooling fan
Medical Class
  • /
    Dental mold, medical equipment
High-tech industry
  • /
    Graphite, titanium, semiconductor wafer fixture, burn-in board, micro-hole drilling, aerospace parts
Special Application
  • /
    CCD auto-seek target orientation, Optical measurement, Tool measuring machines